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Navigating the High-Stakes World of eDiscovery Billing

Tuesday, March 13, 10 AM PT // 1 PM ET

About The Webinar

Does your eDiscovery process leave clients with an exorbitant bill while depriving you of potential revenue? Are you missing opportunities to reduce discovery costs without compromising the quality of your case? And if you wanted to bill back your costs, what ethical, practical, and business considerations must you keep in mind?

Join Logikcull for an upcoming webinar on discovery billing best practices to get the answers to these questions and more. You’ll learn:

- How different approaches to eDiscovery could impact your client bills

- Which discovery expenses can be passed on directly to client, and which can't 

- How to identify and avoid areas for write-offs

- Strategies for turning your discovery process into a revenue generator for your firm, while reducing costs to your clients

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Date: Tuesday, March 13 
Time: 10 AM PT // 1 PM ET
Duration: 60 mins
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"It was overwhelming with knowledge and awesome all at the same time."
Nichole Moore, Paralegal
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"It was very informative, especially in covering strategies both for people already placed in law firms and those who are looking to change jobs. Thanks!"
Helen Holmes, Litigation Support Specialist
Locks Law Firm
"Great! I'm planning to share this with my supervisor - national counsel for a Fortune 500 company."
Eliot Sanford, Paralegal
Butler Snow

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