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Tyler O'Halloran

Allensworth & Porter

'The Market Standard for eDiscovery'

"Flexibility, speed, and responsiveness to feature requests. This is software that makes small firms able to compete with the biggest in the business. It also allows firms to customize every aspect of their document production and/or request for documents to opposing parties. Data management is a key to litigating effectively, and Logikcull makes it easy."

'The Market Standard for eDiscovery'

Allensworth & Porter

Sean Flaherty


"Using Logikcull -- unlike virtually all discovery platforms-- is extremely intuitive, has a beautiful UI, and is powerful. Importing, handling, and producing documents is truly a breeze. And, if you have any questions, their staff is extremely responsive and helpful. Best of all, they have a transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees. Highly recommended."

Gordon & Rees

'Most Intuitive Platform Yet'

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How Logikcull works


Data is uploaded securely and documents are automatically processed.


Identified documents are assembled, downloaded and exchanged with another party. 


Documents are culled, searched, and reviewed for relevance and privilege.

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Views from the Bench

Take control of your eDiscovery process

eBook: How To Avoid

Document Dumps 

More than a decade since electronic discovery became a common feature of most litigation, the discovery industry and the approaches of legal practitioners to eDiscovery remain in flux. Who is doing the heavy lifting in discovery? What are they using to do it? What challenges are they facing and how do they see their process changing in the years ahead?

We surveyed select Logikcull customers about their current approach to discovery and where they see discovery and the law moving in the future.

How To Avoid Document Dumps

Emerging trends in tech changing the practice of law

Learn how to:

  • Identify opponents weaponizing discovery
  • Create a well-tailored request for production
  • Control the form of production and take advantage of it
  • Leverage relevant state and federal rules to disarm opponents
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