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How to Avoid eDiscovery Production Disasters  

Wednesday, October 4th // 10 AM PT // 1 PM ET

About The Webinar

From the recent Wells Fargo data breach that made headlines in the New York Times to the less prominent, though equally problematic Harleysville Insurance case, where an attorney unknowingly strew an entire case file across the internet for all to see, legal practitioners are exposing themselves and their clients due to a common risk: insecure and haphazard discovery productions.

As the amount of data in litigation continues to balloon, what are forward-thinking, risk-averse law firms and organizations doing to ensure that discovery files are accessed only by those for whom they are intended? Join a panel of experts as we address this important issue.

Attendees will learn:

  • Best practices for securely producing discovery files to opposing parties 
  • Ethical and professional considerations for securing client data  
  • Techniques for avoiding inadvertent disclosure of privileged files 
  • Recent case law related to waiver and sanctions arising from production failures
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DATE: Wednesday, October 4th
TIME: 10 AM PT // 1 PM ET
DURATION: 60 mins
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What people have said about our previous webinars

"It was overwhelming with knowledge and awesome all at the same time."
Nichole Moore, Paralegal
Haynes and Boone
"It was very informative, especially in covering strategies both for people already placed in law firms and those who are looking to change jobs. Thanks!"
Helen Holmes, Litigation Support Specialist
Locks Law Firm
"Great! I'm planning to share this with my supervisor - national counsel for a Fortune 500 company."
Eliot Sanford, Paralegal
Butler Snow

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Michael Simon

Attorney and Principal - Seventh Samurai

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